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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Dear Editor:
Thank you for the opportunity to share with our citizens, especially parents, educators, and elected officials, what I believe is often overlooked as invisible harm to our health.

A Year Of Unforeseen Challenges

This year has been full of unforeseen challenges. The pandemic has forced us to adjust many aspects of our daily lives as we adapt to a new normal.

Take COVID-19 Seriously

How many people are too many? How many people need to get sick? How many people need to die? How many people in our county need to suffer before everyone starts taking COVID-19 seriously?

POLL RESULTS: Christmas Symbols

What is your favorite symbol of Christmas?

Editorial: Support Three Worthy Causes

The Dillon Herald is asking for your support of three worthy causes this year that are in need of your help and donations—the Dillon County Animal Shelter food and supplies drive, The Dillon Herald Toy Drive in partnership with the Dillon County United Way and Palmetto Leadership Dillon County, and The Dillon Herald Food Drive for Help For Veterans, Inc.

Poll Results: National Mask Mandate

Do you think a national mask mandate is needed to curb the spread of COVID-19?

Thanksgiving Dishes

Which of these Thanksgiving dishes is your favorite?

Thanksgiving Pie Poll Results

If you could choose only one pie for Thanksgiving, which would you choose?


Do you think people are taking COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the spread of COVID-19 seriously enough?

Recognition Of Dillon County Voter Registration Office

Another election has come and gone, and Dillon County voters came out in strong numbers this year with a nearly 67 percent turnout; however, election after election, one office fails to get the recognition it deserves. That office is the Dillon County Voter Registration Office.