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A Thank You To The Schafer Foundation And Family

Thank you. It seems like two insignificant words, but are important words to express gratitude for the kind and selfless things that people do.

Finding Fall On Pleasant Hill Road

To The Editor:
Most of my life has been spent within a quarter of a mile of Carmichael’s Cross Roads in the Pleasant Hill community of Dillon County, and living here has definitely been “pleasant”—quiet, safe, and rewarding.

Proud Of Latta

Again, I was proud of the Town of Latta best Sunday afternoon, August 13th.

POLL: What is your favorite part of a football game?

What is your favorite part of a football game?

National Purple Heart Day

To The Editor:
August 7th is National Purple Heart Day, and it is a day set aside to honor military men and women wounded, or killed, or who died of his or her wounds in combat.

Local News Is Good For Business

It’s no secret that recent years have been tough on small businesses and on newspapers.

POLL: Birth Control

0 The FDA recently approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill, available without a prescription. Do you think this is a positive or a negative move? Positive (76%, 45 Votes) Negative (20%, 12 Votes) Neutral (3%, 2 Votes) Total Voters: 59

Letter To The Editor: Litter

To The Editor:
People are upset about litter in Dillon. I had a problem outside Cannon Court and talked to James Washington (Dillon City Councilman).

EDITORIAL: The Litter Problem

If you haven’t noticed it yourself on the sides of the road and elsewhere, there is a tremendous litter problem in Dillon County.

POLL: Do you think gun sales laws should be…?

POLL: Do you think gun sales laws should be…?