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Opinion: Give Thanks For Farm-City Partnerships

This Thanksgiving Day, as we gather with family and friends to count our blessings, let’s give thanks for the bounty we enjoy not just on this holiday, but every day.

Editorial: It’s Important To Have A Plan

Firemen tell you that you need a plan. Law enforcement officials tell you that you need a plan. Disaster officials tell you that you need a plan. You never know when the unexpected will happen.

Opinion: Take Advantage Of City’s Appliance Pick-up

On America Recycles Day, November 15th, the City of Dillon is offering residents a wonderful opportunity to get rid of their old appliances that may be hanging around their home.

Editorial: The Newspaper

After reading his obituary in a newspaper, Mark Twain, said, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” The same is true of newspapers. For the past several years, many have been predicting the “death” of newspapers, but nothing could be further from the truth—especially when speaking of local newspapers like The Dillon Herald.

Editorial: Register To Vote

The deadline to register to vote is Saturday, October 2nd—one month before the general election. If you are not registered to vote, now would be a good time to do so. If your information is not current, this is an excellent time to get it updated.

Editorial : Golf Carts Need Parent Enforcement

Some people may think the city council is being too strict in reminding the public about golf cart regulations and enforcing the statute, but that is hardly the case.

Editorial: We Can’t Afford To Lose Good People

On today’s front page, we have a statement from Bo McInnis who has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board.

Editorial: Get On Board

Have you visited Niagara Falls lately? A trip to the Dillon County Recycling Center on a rainy day produces nearly the same effect.

Editorial: You Decide

It’s disappointing that the Dillon County Democratic Party chair, Clarence “Sonny” McRae, didn’t think enough of your local newspaper than to hold them out of the first half of a protest hearing that could have a significant impact on the leadership of our county.

Opinion: Questions For Candidates

In a few months, South Carolinians will go to the polls to choose the men and women we want to serve us as elected officials.