Editorial : Golf Carts Need Parent Enforcement

Some people may think the city council is being too strict in reminding the public about golf cart regulations and enforcing the statute, but that is hardly the case.
The rules governing golf carts are simple as was explained in Thursday’s paper, but the main complaint The Herald keeps hearing from citizens is that children of an inappropriate age are operating golf carts in a reckless and careless manner.
This seems to require some parent enforcement before law enforcement becomes involved. Parents should know the regulations and should make sure their children follow them. Golf carts are not toys and should not be treated as a means of entertainment for children.
A University of Alabama study regarding golf cart injuries showed that about 1,000 people a month are injured in golf cart accidents in the United States. No one wants to add someone locally to that total. If the city waited until someone was seriously injured or killed, then there would be some who would be quick to blame them for not making sure that the ordinance was enforced.
Parents need to take back control of the golf carts. The price that could be paid could be more than a traffic ticket  and the price of injury or death is just much too high to risk.