Editorial: You Decide

It’s disappointing that the Dillon County Democratic Party chair, Clarence “Sonny” McRae, didn’t think enough of your local newspaper than to hold them out of the first half of a protest hearing that could have a significant impact on the leadership of our county.
It is well-known that the Probate Judge’s race was close, that a recount was held that made it one vote closer, and that a protest had been filed in the election. It is a situation that has been highly publicized.
While many people don’t fully understand the role of the probate judge, it is an important one, and at some point in our lives, most of us will have some type of dealings with that office and the person in charge of it.
That’s why it is important that the public feel that a fair election has been held and that the people’s choice will take over the leadership of that office. So it really makes no sense to close such an important session to the media.
The public has the right to know the details of the protest and what evidence, records, and information there is to support it. While we now have a copy of the protest and were allowed in for the second half of the  hearing, we can only now have heresay as to what actually happened during the first half of the hearing and the information presented. That’s really not fair to either candidate involved. Both candidates have the right for their concerns and issues to be heard and fully reported. It helps eliminate rumors and creates a record of the event that can be pointed to, looked over and analyzed by the candidates and the public.
The Dillon County Democratic Party chair cheated the candidates and the public out of letting the issues and the evidence be fully known and reported. That’s not right.
Also, one has to wonder why the session was only opened after the arrival of the television station. Was it a change of heart and the realization that the public really deserved to know the truth or was it the fear of those bright camera lights and added negative publicity for the party? You decide.

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