Editorial: We Can’t Afford To Lose Good People

On today’s front page, we have a statement from Bo McInnis who has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board.
The move came after controversy that ensued after Rep. Jackie Hayes recommended McInnis for the board and somehow was appointed himself. Hayes made the recommendation by letter. Council had a list with McInnis’ name on it, The Herald had a list with Hayes’ name on it, and the Economic Development Director read Hayes’ name when making the proposal. The council voted and then after the meeting the confusion began.
Instead of a meeting being called and the matter quickly rectified, the issue has drug on long after the July 28th meeting with no action being taken by council. Since that meeting, council has held a budget workshop and then a called meeting on August 11th to give final approval to the budget, but nothing has happened, and no action has been taken.
The real shame here is that we are losing a good man with a great deal to offer who could have been a positive, contributing member of the board. He was very vocal and very proactive in gaining the megasite which will have a tremendous impact on Dillon County and the area when industry locates there. He had vast business knowledge which would make him an asset to the board. Instead, the council’s inaction and failure to take care of business has resulted in McInnis’ withdrawing his name from consideration.
We can’t afford to lose good people who want to be involved in moving our county forward. It’s a shame that council’s failure to act has resuled in a good man slipping through their fingers.

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