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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens


Shangri-La is generally understood to be a mythical place of unusual beauty, a place veiled in secrecy, a place whose only limitation is the imagination of the one describing its loveliness and seductiveness.

Libby’s Recipes: Sweet Potato Fries

This week’s recipe is one Kate found on the internet. She tried it and says it’s really good.


There are certain positions whose job descriptions call for the dealing with the aftermath of traumatic situations such as accidents, wrecks, violent physical acts and sometimes even murder.

Libby’s Recipes: Apple Brownies

This week’s recipe is a new twist on brownies.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Readers of my columns know that I ordinarily walk each week day at Dillon’s Wellness Center.

Libby’s Recipes: Linda’s Brunch Fruit Salad

My search for a cool recipe to help beat the heat brought me to this one from my sister. She got it from her neighbor Linda Powell.

Libby’s Recipes: French Dip Au Jus Sandwiches

This recipe is easy and delicious as it gets!

Life Has Its Ups and Downs

Often times when a child is born, someone might ask the question, “Does he have all of his fingers and toes?” meaning is he “normal” in development.

Libby’s Recipes: Novella’s Fudge Icing

This week’s recipe is for what my sister calls an “outstanding” no-cook chocolate icing. The recipe is one she got from her mother-in-law Novella Fox of Taylorsville, NC.

Ditch Bank Beauties

We live in a highly mobile society, and therefore it is unusual for a person to spend most of his/her life living at one address.