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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

What’s Causing Your Hay Fever?

What’s causing your hay fever? Unfortunately, goldenrods share their bloom time with the inconspicuous ragweeds.

The Continual War Against COVID-19: Friends, Foes, And Fools

Six or seven months ago (when the coronavirus first showed its ugly and deadly face), that it would still be devastating lives, families, and the economy in the process.

A Strong Start To Shrimping Season

It was late in the afternoon on opening day of shrimping season and two boats were coming home from a day of shrimping in McClellanville. The proud boats rode a little higher on the trailers that day because both had caught limits of shrimp to bring home for many good meals to come.

How To Select The Best Mums And Pumpkins

Are you seeing mums and pumpkins everywhere you go? How do you select the best and make them last?

Award-Winning Cornbread Recipes

Check out these past winning National Cornbread Cook-off recipes and more at Join the Martha White community at and Featured recipes are Tennessee Onion Soup Gratin and Harvest Apple Cornbread Panzanella.

Letting Go Of People Who Have Departed From You

Many of my columns stem from my personal experiences and upbringing.

Mountain Mint

Mountain mint is an easy growing perennial that flowers from July to August.

Forage Radish

Are you planting a fall garden this year or leaving it fallow? If you are not planting a fall garden, you should plant a cover crop.

Peanut Butter Cup Icebox Pie

Here is the 2013 Martha White® Holiday Muffin Mix Challenge winning recipe by Joanna C. of Whiteville, Tenn., who was named Grand Prize Winner and the Crowd Pleasers Category Winner for her Peanut Butter Cup Icebox Pie.

Things I Wish I Had Never Done

Certainly, everyone of us living and breathing (to some extent) belong to the category of people who have some degree of remorse for some past misdeeds that we either perpetrated or to which we were an accomplice.