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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

A Farewell With Joy

Generally speaking, most farewells are laced with sadness, a joylessness brought about by occasions such as moving away, changing jobs, retiring and most especially when the farewell is final, a funeral. This does not always have to be so.

Libby’s Recipes: Russian Tea

This week’s recipe is one of my mother’s that will perhaps brighten your winter.

Growing Old

There is a saying that growing old beats the alternative but some might argue that in some cases, this is not true.
You can identify the young by what they consider old. When you were in your pre-teens, perhaps your idea of ‘old’ was someone who had reached the grand old age of 30 or even less.

Libby’s Recipes: Brown Rice

I’ve been tinkering with brown rice recipes and have finally come up with one I really like. Plus it is easy. Hope you will like it, too.

Doctor Appointments

One advantage of being young is that you do not often have to see a doctor except perhaps for an accident at least not many have standing appointments. The dread most people my age have of being in that category is the wait. With not much time left, the last place you want to wait is with a crowd of other sick people many with symptoms worse than yours.

You Decide

Why do we do what we finally do when we have to make a moral choice, knowing that there is obviously a right and a wrong way to handle a situation?

A Celebration

Some of the fiercest arguments are at times those involving religious beliefs and practices.

A Single Sight

Christmas 2010 is over, but there are memories of sights and sounds of the holiday, mostly sights still freshly recalled. And there was one sight that was most memorable although it was a somewhat private sight, a most unlikely one to remember except to a few including me.

Libby’s Recipes: Potato Chips Candy

Now for this week’s recipe. It only has three ingredients, so maybe I’ll get it right. This is another one from my sister. She says it is not pretty, but it is good.

The Returned Gift

Traffic gets heavy; the lines at the department stores seem unending; the ringing of cash register drawers can be heard throughout the stores; the smell of homemade bread rises to one’s nostrils; tables are being covered with flour as cakes, cookies, and other recipes are being used- all of these activities constitute the Christmas season.