By Bill Lee

You have undoubtedly heard the saying that God‘s angels could not be everywhere to respond to a believer’s need so who was sent?  Mothers.  A mother’s love is generally #1 on any list, but we all know who comes in a close second: Granny.  This is a story that proves when all else fails, call Granny.
Granny’s happiest moment, I’ll call her Miss Bethel, was the day she was told that another generation in the family had arrived, a boy who was her first grandson to be born and from day one, he was always more than special.  Nothing was too good for the little brown eyed gift from Above and no occasion came about that she did not show her love for him by her generosity: toys, clothing, a new bike, and money for the many special occasions.  You name it.  The apple of her eye only had to hint the need and, within reason or not, Granny was always there to save the day. But then Little Tommy grew up and left for faraway places but no matter where he went, Granny’s heart followed  him. 
Granny was one who believed that a penny saved was a penny earned.  She was always checking the newspaper for the specials, clipping the coupons to find a bargain and as they say, ‘close with her money.’ She was what one might call being stingy but always to herself.  When it came to her family, she was most generous and that was especially true when Tommy was involved. Sure he was now a grown man, but to her, he would always be her little boy who could always make her heart beat faster when he greeted her with a big smile and a warm embrace.   Love blinded her to any faults he might have.
Now living alone, Miss Bethel, despite being warned about answering the telephone every time it rang, still actually looked forward when her number was dialed.  She rather enjoyed talking to the callers even though most of them were people she did not know.  Most were telemarketers, but that did not bother her; she always stated that she knew when to hang up or just say no.  Her strategy worked well until one day, she received a call that she’ll never forget.
She did not recognize the far-away sounding voice but it had a sense of urgency about it that captured her attention immediately.  The speaker stated that he wanted to speak to Granny but who would be calling her by that name; it was not someone whose voice she recognized.
“Granny,” he said with an ominous tone of voice, “this is Tommy, your grandson.  ‘How are you?’  I called to tell you that I still love you and hope to see you soon; however, I am having a slight problem at the moment and need your help.” 
Miss Ethel was surprised that this was Tommy calling because in the first place, the voice did not sound like Tommy’s, and she reminded the caller of this fact.
“Granny, listen sweetheart, this IS Tommy.  You do not recognize my voice because I had been in a motorcycle accident in Madrid, Spain and have injured my nose and mouth thereby making my voice sound a little unusual. 
“Listen, Granny.  You have always been there for me, and I am desperately in need of your help once more.  You see, I am in the hospital and ready to be discharged so that I can come home and see you, but the authorities will not release me until I pay the hospital bill.  It’s not too much.  I only need $2500 so I can come home. Won’t you please help me?”
The message was so urgent and all Granny could think of was her little brown-eyed cherub who was hurt, was in trouble and needed her to come to his rescue.  Of course she would help him so getting her saving account book from the dresser drawer, off she went to the local bank and, without question, withdrew the $2500, went to the local telegraph office and sent the money to the address she was given.  It was a hefty withdrawal; she had spent years denying herself things she desired so that the account could grow.  But she felt good that she was doing a good deed for Little Tommy.  She anxiously awaited his call confirming that the money had  arrived.
Arriving home, relieved and elated that her good deed had been accomplished, Miss Bethel hardly had time to sit when the telephone rang.  She anticipated the news that the money order had arrived.  And it had but the ‘grandson’ said, “Granny, there is another problem that requires another withdrawal, please.  In order to get home, certain  other bills have to be taken care of and then there is the ticket to fly to your waiting arms.  Yes, more money is involved, this time would she please send me $3000; I will forever be grateful.  This will be my last call, honestly.  I hate to ask, but I promise to repay you as soon as I can work thing out at home. “
Well it was going to make a big dent in her saving account, but with the money, Tommy, hurt and far off,  would be coming home and that alone would be worth every penny.  When she again approached the friendly teller at the bank, this time the official became suspicious and correctly told Miss Bethel to get the information and tell the caller to call her and she would take care of the transaction.  He of course never called the bank.   But it was too late to save the earlier $2500, lost to a con man by this trusting, Tommy-loving Granny.
A later call was from, guess who? the real Tommy.  When she explained what she had done, he informed her that he had made no such calls to her and had been with his sister in a nearby state. 
She has been scammed!
She reported the incident to the police who investigated, but all leads ended up as dead ends. 
But this is not the end of the story. 
A few days later, the same caller identified as ‘Tommy’ telephoned again asking for another loan.  This time Miss Bethel knew what to do and so did her son who made certain changes that would prevent future incidents.
You think this is fiction?
Bill Lee
PO Box 128
Hamer, SC 29547

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