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A collection of favorite recipes from Libby Allen of Latta, SC, and from our readers as well as food-related advice and articles from the USDA and other sources. To submit a reader recipe, mail it to Recipes, c/o The Dillon Herald, P.O. Drawer 1288, Dillon, SC 29536, fax it to 843-841-1930, or e-mail it to

The Game Plan: Football And Food

At this time of year, tailgaters are passionate about two things — football and food. The same can also be said for those who prefer to watch the game at home, too. Fire up the grill, throw on some burgers, brats or hot dogs and you already have the beginning of a great party. The game creates a festive atmosphere, so all you have to do is feed the fans. To coach you to pre-game victory, we’ve put together a play-by-play guide to tailgating prep complete with recipes, serving suggestions and tips for getting it all done.

Libby’s Recipes: Rolo Pretzel Treats

A recipe for Rolo Pretzel treats.

Libby’s Recipes: Orange Coconut Cake

This week I have another recipe from my sister’s mother-in-law Novella Fox of Taylorsville, NC. It is one of Judy’s favorites.

Libby’s Recipes: Spiced Honey Butter

Spiced Honey Butter is tasty.

Libby’s Recipes: Sweet Potato Fries

This week’s recipe is one Kate found on the internet. She tried it and says it’s really good.

Libby’s Recipes: Apple Brownies

This week’s recipe is a new twist on brownies.

Libby’s Recipes: Linda’s Brunch Fruit Salad

My search for a cool recipe to help beat the heat brought me to this one from my sister. She got it from her neighbor Linda Powell.

Libby’s Recipes: French Dip Au Jus Sandwiches

This recipe is easy and delicious as it gets!

Libby’s Recipes: Novella’s Fudge Icing

This week’s recipe is for what my sister calls an “outstanding” no-cook chocolate icing. The recipe is one she got from her mother-in-law Novella Fox of Taylorsville, NC.

Libby’s Recipes: Marinated Grilled Chicken

I hesitate to call this a recipe, but my family has been enjoying this chicken lately.