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The personal reflections and commentary of Bishop Michael Goings, a well-known pastor and author, on local, state, national, and international issues

Why Thanksgiving Is Special This Year

There are three times each year when my Judeo-Christian convictions dictate the nature and substance of what I write about in my column. Three of the major holidays in our culture are uniquely Christian in nature.

The Continual War Against COVID-19: Friends, Foes, And Fools

Six or seven months ago (when the coronavirus first showed its ugly and deadly face), that it would still be devastating lives, families, and the economy in the process.

Letting Go Of People Who Have Departed From You

Many of my columns stem from my personal experiences and upbringing.

Things I Wish I Had Never Done

Certainly, everyone of us living and breathing (to some extent) belong to the category of people who have some degree of remorse for some past misdeeds that we either perpetrated or to which we were an accomplice.

Why I Enjoy Traveling The Rural Roads Of The County

I have been called strange and irregular by both my family members and close friends.

The Doug Miller Story

Today, I want to share a true story with you of a man who is well-known in our locale. Practically everyone in Dillon County knows or have heard of Doug Miller, as he is commonly known.

Parents Who Set Their Children Up For Failure

My wife and I reared two children who are now adults. I look back in retrospect and see the areas where I both succeeded and failed as a father.

The Impact of Barber Shops and Beauty Salons On Black Culture

Arguably, there are fewer occupations and places that have rendered service to African-Americans down through the years and has had a greater impact on black life as barber shops and beauty salons.

The Challenges Confronting Children Returning To The Classroom

Having a wife and daughter who are passionate career educators, I have given much thought to the dilemma of whether or not children (in grades kindergarten through twelfth) should return back to the classroom.

Coach Jason Gunter: The Marathon Man

I dare not let Coach Jason Gunter retire from his position as being an educator in our school district for fifty (50) continual years without giving him his due honor.