How to Triumph Over the Terrible Trio

I know that I am not alone when I say that I am already experiencing some opposition in executing my goals for 2024. The month of January is just a few days past its mid-point and I have been beset by a bombardment of negatives and opposition. Usually, when I am experiencing something that is of great proportion, whether good or bad, positive or negative, I can deduce or surmise that there are others who are going through in like fashion. Theirs might be a little different than mine in nature and degree. However, certain things and experiences are common to man. With that being said, I want to devote my column today to how to triumph over the terrible trio. In short, the terrible trio are disappointment, discouragement, and depression. Each of us will have to encounter and prevail over each of these if we are to see our objectives come to fruition in this New Year. Whether what we are aiming for is in the professional or occupational realm, the financial realm, the social or relational realm, the physical realm, or such like, if we fail to prevail over the terrible trio, we will not experience victory or success in our plans and pursuits.

Defeating the Adversary of Disappointment
In this world and culture that we live in (that is replete with turmoil, troubles, uncertainties), it is impossible to have a smooth ride to success without encountering some negatives and oppositions on your journey. The adage that says, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” is very true in many instances. Many who did not estimate or forearm themselves with the probability that they would experience some detriment and trouble on their journey was gravely disappointed to the point of abandoning their plans and pursuits. I know of no one in the biblical narrative, history, or present-day time who set out to achieve something of importance who did not encounter some disappointments or setbacks before they finally achieved their goals. Speaking from experience, I want to encourage you to not let any disappointments cause you to quit or throw in the towel. Like the great heavyweight champion, Joe Lewis (who was knocked out by Max Schmeling, the leading contender), came back a few years later and soundly TKOed him in the first round when he was the champion. Just because some disappointment has floored you in regard to what you are striving to accomplish this year, get up and try again. Do not stop fighting and striving to triumph over this formidable foe. And please do not forget this life principle: “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins”.

Defeating the Adversary of Discouragement
When we fail to overcome disappointments (especially when they come one right after another), we can quickly slump into a state of discouragement, if we are not careful. In this state, our confidence and hope are gradually deteriorating and waning. It is very easy to give up on what you are attempting to accomplish when you are beat down and overwhelmed by discouragement.
Whether you are attempting to lose weight, stop smoking, improve or heal your marriage, pursue a higher degree in education, or whatever it might be, discouragement may have been the Waterloo that caused many to be defeated beyond recovery. It is difficult to bounce back or get up when you have been floored by a hook to the chin that came from chronic discouragement.
If discouragement has knocked you down, it is imperative that you get up immediately and get back in the fight. The longer you delay to recover yourself, the more difficult it is going to be. Let me share this key with you that I learned that will greatly aide you in overcoming discouragement: Do not settle to live in a beat-up state when you are going through discouragement. On the contrary, discipline yourself to be upbeat, hopeful, and optimistic.

Defeating the Adversary of Depression
In the struggle with the terrible trio, the deadliest of the three is depression. There is an outbreak of depression in this nation that has reached pandemic proportions. Depression can be defined as low spirits, sadness, or gloominess. Psychologists defined depression as being a “mental disorder characterized by prolonged feelings of despair and dejection, often accompanied by fatigue, headaches, and other physical symptoms”. According to the study and statistics, depression is the most widespread psychiatric disorder in America. It is the root of many other psychiatric disorders and often leads to suicide if not diagnosed and properly treated. Perhaps the most effective way to deal with depression is to own up to the fact that you are experiencing depression and seek some counseling and help. Depression can stem from many causes and reasons. Some people become depressed because of things like loneliness, the loss of a loved one, bullying at school, family problems, sustained and terminal illnesses, and such like. Then there are those who seem to be very successful when it comes to fame and wealth who are battling chronic depression that can lead to suicide, if they do not seek professional counseling and help. I have had bouts with depression, as have many other preachers throughout history. My deliverance came when I sincerely sought the Lord and He delivered me from the horrible pit of depression. I am certain that He will do the same for you if you will seek Him with your whole heart.

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