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The personal reflections and commentary of Bishop Michael Goings, a well-known pastor and author, on local, state, national, and international issues. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these columns are those of Michael Goings, the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Dillon Herald. He is solely responsible for the content of these articles.

First Experiences

In each of our journeys through life, we have all had some experiences that proven to have a lingering effect on our lives. Many of these occurrences were what I have termed as “first experiences.”

The Perils and Pitfalls of Pride

From a Biblical perspective, the original sin was committed by an archangel, who at the time of the violation, was called Lucifer (Ezekiel 28:12-17).

An Enduring Legacy To The Fifth Generation

I recently had to go into the Herald Office Supply to get an item that I could not find anywhere else in town.

Endeavoring To Be Number One At Being Number Two

I was so inspired by the mere title of Cornell King’s very informative and timeless book, Being Number One at Being Number Two that I decided to devote my column today to considering the issue.

Help Wanted: Why Good Help Is Hard To Find

As I waited at a certain business establishment to have my vehicle serviced, I could not help but notice that there were only two people attending to the vehicles that were there waiting to be serviced.

Living In The Aftermath Of Unexpected Events

The recent passing of Douglas Pernell, the first African American to be elected as the Sheriff of Dillon County, as well as our first Black County-wide office holder, took us all by surprise.

Remembering The Last Supper

One of my special, spiritual daughters is Marie Bepete. She is the wife of Bishop Luckie (Peter) Bepete, the African and Foreign Mission Bishop.

Family Feuds: Their Origin and Common Causes

It is my aim and custom to decide what issue or subject I will consider in my weekly column by how it relates to the average person who will most likely read it.

Becoming A Part of the Solution In An Era of Chasms and Contentions

When Eldridge Cleaver, one of the leaders of the Black Panther Party, penned this very prudent saying back in the 1960’s, I was an emerging young adult in the early part of my high school days at Gordon High School.

From 1776 to 2023: Toward a More Perfect Union

Only a few days ago, we celebrated the birth of the United States of America. If my calculations are accurate (which they are occasionally not) our nation is officially 247 years old.