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Dillon County Council Announces 2011 Meeting Schedule

The Dillon County Council has announced its 2011 meeting schedule.

County Council Chair Optimistic About Year Ahead

Dillon County Council Chairman Archie Scott is optimistic about the year ahead as chairman.

Councilman’s Hearing Delayed Until 11 a.m.

The hearing for Councilman Macio Williamson in Dillon County, a body politic and corporate by and through its members of County Council, Macio Williamson, Et. Al. vs. John Doe, a citizen of Dillon County has been delayed until 11 a.m. on January 13th.

City Council Receives Report On Tree Planting

Revitalization Coordinator Maggie Riales reported on the tree planting at the Dillon City Council meeting.

Let’s Make 2011 A Year For Better Government In S.C.

It’s often said that the New Year is a time for new beginnings, an opportunity for fresh starts. Typically we vow to exercise more, eat less, spend a little less time at work, develop new skills, or set some other worthy goal.

New County Council Chairman Elected

The Dillon County Council has elected a new chairman and vice-chairman.

County Council Passes Second Reading Of Ordinance To Postpone Reassessment

The Dillon County Council passed the second reading of an ordinance at their regular meeting on Wednesday to postpone reassessment for one year.

County Council To Meet Early Due To Holiday

The Dillon County Council will meet on Wednesday, December 15th.

Council Terminates Rollover In Administrator’s Contract

At a called meeting of the Dillon County Council on Tuesday afternoon, the council voted 4-2 to terminate the rollover provision in County Administrator David Mobley’s contract. The vote came after a nearly hour long executive session.

Latta Council Calls Special Meeting

The Latta Town Council has called a meeting for November 23rd. The agenda is listed here.