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City Council Discusses Stormwater Mitigation

Stormwater mitigation was discussed recently at a Dillon City Council meeting.

VIDEO: Dillon County Council Special Meeting, August 11, 2021

Dillon County Council Special Meeting, August 11, 2021, video

Second Reading Of Dillon County Budget Passes

The Dillon County Council passed their second reading of the budget, 6-1, at a meeting on Tuesday. All voted in favor of the budget except for Councilman Jamal Campbell, who was the opposing vote.

Dillon County Road Maintenance Fee Has Already Been Challenged In Court And Ruled Constitutional

A South Carolina Supreme Court ruling issued on June 30th declared that “the road maintenance and telecommunications taxes are invalid under state law (Opinion No. 28401); however, The Herald has discovered that Dillon County’s road maintenance fee was challenged many years ago and at that time was ruled to be constitutional.

Dillon City Council Passes 2021-2022 Budget

The Dillon City Council recently passed their 2021-22 budget.

Dillon County Council Passes First Reading Of Budget

The Dillon County Council passed the first reading of their budget by title only at a called meeting on Wednesday.

Part Two: Clyburn Speaks About COVID-19, Federal Aid At Town Hall Meeting

Congressman Jim Clyburn spoke at a Town Hall Meeting at the Ellis Performing Arts Center in Latta hosted by Senator Kent Williams.

Part One: Senator Speaks About Legislation And Budget At Town Hall Meeting

Senator Kent Williams held a town hall meeting at the Ellis Performing Arts Center in Latta on Thursday with special guest Congressman Jim Clyburn.

SENATE REPORT: Redistricting

Redistricting is a process that governments use to draw political district boundaries. It affects local, state, and national elections, including Congress, state legislatures, city councils, school boards, and more.

Grice Apologizes For Being Loud, But Not For What He Said

Dillon County Councilman Stevie Grice made an apology at the beginning of Wednesday’s called council meeting.