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Government news at the state and local levels

County Council Approves Incentive Agreement For Project Toolshed

The Dillon County Council has passed an incentive agreement and agreed to purchase approximately 100+ acres for Project Toolshed, according to County Administrator Clay Young. The agreement has been sent to the company for approval.

Dilmar Property Back Before Dillon Council

The vacant Main Street lots, also referred to as the Dilmar property which was donated to the city, were a topic at the Dillon City Council’s October meeting.

S.C. Voter ID Goes Into Effect In 2013

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia Oct. 3 gave its approval to a new law requiring South Carolina voters to present a government-issued identification card with a photo in order to vote. Under the Court’s order, the law will go into effect for elections held on or after January 1, 2013.

Constitution Week To Be Celebrated

September 17, 2012, begins the national celebration of Constitution Week. The weeklong commemoration of America’s most important document is one of our country’s least known official observances. Our Constitution stands as a testament to the tenacity of Americans throughout history to maintain their liberties and freedom, and to ensure those inalienable rights to every American.

Voting Applicants Asked To Call Office If They Have Not Received Card

Anyone who has registered to vote with any other entity other than the Dillon County Voter Registration Office, but who has not received a card, is asked to call the office at 774-1403 to verify that your application has been received.

All Petition Candidates Now Certified

The Dillon County Voter Registration Office has now certified the petitions of all candidates who filed as petition candidates for the General Election, according to Suzie Edwards.

Lake View Chief Reviews Golf Cart Laws

Chief James McDaniel of the Lake View Police Department is reminding the public of the laws that pertain to golf carts. He said these laws will be strictly enforced in the Town of Lake View.

Free Political Announcement Due August 24th

Due to the unusual circumstances that occurred with the June primary election, The Dillon Herald is revising its policy to apply to the November 12th General Election only regarding free political announcements for candidates.

Petition Candidates File For General Election

Several people have filed as petition candidates for the November General Election.

Council Approves Landfill Vertical Expansion

The Dillon County Council approved the landfill vertical expansion.