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The musings and memories of the late W.C. “Bill” Lee, a retired teacher, a professional photographer, community volunteer, columnist for The Dillon Herald, church officer and pianist, and one who served in other leadership roles. His wit and wisdom are truly missed, but can be re-lived in this series of columns.

It’s Good For You?

Perhaps you read or have read the comic strip DILBERT by Scott Adams. Mr. Adams is too clever, and recently I read an article he published in the WSJ about some of the courses he was required to take in college.

Last Rites

When I got my South Carolina driver’s license it seems I was about 14 years old. There were no provisional steps to get a license, no driver education classes as exist today; you simply appeared, took the test, paid a fee and got the license. How you learned to drive was highly unstructured.


Adolescence is a time to try out new things, to experiment, to challenge the conventional, to test the waters, a time to broaden one’s boundaries or simply a time to begin the growing up process.

Observations No. 10

Epiphany: One meaning is a sudden realization of something perhaps ordinarily obvious to most but not to you until suddenly a light comes on in your mind. Eureka!


According to the Dillon County web site, there are 11 tax supported Dumpster @ locations (Convenience Centersites or Recycling Centers) strategically located throughout the county that are staffed by trained county employees during regular collection hours four days a week. There is hardly any item to be discarded that cannot be accommodated at each site where special dumpsters are available.

Observations No. 10

More observations from Bill Lee.

The Wedding

Most people I now watched at least some of the royal wedding of William and Kate for one reason it was just about all that was being televised on the major networks.

More Observations

I recently wrote a column about a church that is struggling with a dwindling membership most of which would be classified as seniors.

More Observations

Are you one who believes that what is to be will be, and if there is a rare
coincidence in life, well what’s to explain? Life, some say, is all previously
planned, and we are only here for the ride.

Observations No. 3

I am a member of the MMC-D – hospital – Auxiliary, and part of my duties is to work a four hour shift in the hospital Gift Shop once a month. The job is not hectic; we had $27.20 in cash sales today. Perhaps the most challenging part of the job is working the cash (computer) register. For some, it is a breeze; for others because it is encountered only monthly, it causes some mild anxiety.