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The musings and memories of the late W.C. “Bill” Lee, a retired teacher, a professional photographer, community volunteer, columnist for The Dillon Herald, church officer and pianist, and one who served in other leadership roles. His wit and wisdom are truly missed, but can be re-lived in this series of columns.


I recently saw the following message on a sign in front of a local church: What part of SHALT NOT don’t you understand. Of course it refers to the admonitions stated in the Good Book known as the Big X or the Big Ten. Recently I heard a person who offered a comment concerning how a friend dealt with one of these no-nos, the shall nots, in the Bible.

Observations #2

An avid gardener and outdoorsman all his life, now that the season is warming, he longs to get his hands dirty, to work the soil, to do the planting like he used to do but, alas, there will be no gardening this year. His last attempt to deal with nature’s bounty was difficult.

Observations #1

I can relate to my friend, I’ll call him Jim. One of ten children, he was sleeping when I spoke to him, something he does frequently at 91 years of age. He presently had no roommate in his home away from home. But he has a story.

Unexpected Guests

I was born a few yards from where I am sitting writing this column. The birthday house, long gone, was built in 1926 and over the years was the home for 9 children and their parents.

Monday Is Wash Day

here is only one person in my household, but you would not know it from the money spent on cleaning supplies, several hundreds of dollars each year.

A Farewell With Joy

Generally speaking, most farewells are laced with sadness, a joylessness brought about by occasions such as moving away, changing jobs, retiring and most especially when the farewell is final, a funeral. This does not always have to be so.

Growing Old

There is a saying that growing old beats the alternative but some might argue that in some cases, this is not true.
You can identify the young by what they consider old. When you were in your pre-teens, perhaps your idea of ‘old’ was someone who had reached the grand old age of 30 or even less.

Doctor Appointments

One advantage of being young is that you do not often have to see a doctor except perhaps for an accident at least not many have standing appointments. The dread most people my age have of being in that category is the wait. With not much time left, the last place you want to wait is with a crowd of other sick people many with symptoms worse than yours.

You Decide

Why do we do what we finally do when we have to make a moral choice, knowing that there is obviously a right and a wrong way to handle a situation?

A Celebration

Some of the fiercest arguments are at times those involving religious beliefs and practices.