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COVID-19 Vaccine

When a COVID-19 vaccine is released, do you think the public should be required to take it?

High School Football: Play or Delay?

High School Football: Play or Delay? Poll

Quality Of Life In Dillon County

To The Editor:
May I write about the “quality of life” in Dillon County. My first gripe is the noise I suffer from the exhaust pipes (or glass packs) on a pick-up, the whining of motorcycles halfway across town, the people who drive up at filling stations or any parking lots where young people have their “music” as loud it can get with windows down, or doors open to the most vulgar words.

School Poll

Do you think school for the first semester should be:

Tax Free Weekend

Do you plan to take advantage of Sales Tax Free shopping this coming weekend?

We the people…or are we?

To The Editor:
In this political season everyone is talking or giving their opinion on who should be the new sheriff of Dillon County.

Dillon County Veterans Unsung Hero

To The Editor:
Veterans in Dillon County must surely miss the service of Jerry Huggins since his retirement as Service Officer. They are very fortunate. However, to have an unsung hero who has stepped up as a volunteer who is constantly working to meet their various needs. Whatever the need is – food, housing, transportation, medical or various social services. Johnnie Daniels, as an unpaid volunteer, works tirelessly to ensure that help is provided.

Golf Course Lease

Do you agree with the city renewing the golf course lease?

Poll: Stimulus Checks

Do you agree or disagree with the government issuing a second stimulus check?


Do you think local officials are doing enough to encourage citizens to complete the census?