Veteran Gets Wheelchair Ramp

To The Editor:
Recently, Dillon County Help for Veterans learned of a local veteran who was in a Veterans hospital recovering from a leg amputation as well as some other health issues. His family asked about help getting a wheelchair ramp for their home. Help for Veterans reached out to the Methodist Men’s Wheelchair Ramp Ministry asking for their help. Mr. Ronnie Carter and his team of Methodist Men volunteers took on the project right away. There were some challenges regarding the property, but Mr. Carter and his team quickly moved into action and built both a deck and a wheelchair ramp for the veteran. The cost for a project like this is about $6,000.
The Methodist Men’s Ministry for wheelchair ramps is fully funded by donations and uses an all-volunteer workforce. The ramps are provided cost free to the recipients. We at Dillon County Help for Veterans appreciate what the Methodist Men’s Ministry did for this veteran.
This was their 130th wheelchair ramp built for the Dillon community and through this ministry many of our neighbors have been able to retain or regain their ability to come and go from their homes during a challenging time in their lives. Thank you Methodist Men for helping this veteran and so many others.
John Harlow
Dillon County Help for Veterans
1215 David Street
Dillon SC 29536-2601

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