THE LAST GOODBYE: Sheriff Pernell Laid To Rest In Memorable Ceremony

A wife says her last goodbye to her husband and two sons look upon their father for the last time before closing a flag-draped casket while a grandson stands behind them.

Governor Orders Flags To Half-Staff In Honor Of Sheriff Pernell

The Governor orders that the flags atop the State Capitol be lowered to half-staff from sunrise until sunset on Sunday, August 13, 2023, in honor of Dillon County Sheriff Douglas Pernell, Sr.

Funeral Services To Be Held For Sheriff Pernell On Sunday

Sheriff Douglas Pernell, Dillon County’s first African-American Sheriff and Dillon County’s first African-American countywide elected official, will be laid to rest on Sunday, August 13th, according to the funeral rites from Bartell Funeral Home.

Sheriff Douglas Pernell Dies At Age 61

Just as the rain, thunder, and lightning started to spread through Dillon County early Monday evening so did the news that Dillon County’s Sheriff Douglas Bryan Pernell had died at his home at the age of 61.

Funeral Service Set For Sheriff Douglas B. ‘Humbunny’ Pernell

The Funeral service for Sheriff Douglas “Humbunny” Pernell will be held on Sunday, August 13, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. at The Florence Civic Center in Florence, SC.

PHOTO GALLERY: Sheriff Douglas Pernell Brought Back To Dillon County

Sheriff Douglas Pernell was brought back with a police escort after an autopsy on Tuesday morning.

Sheriff Douglas Pernell Dies Unexpectedly At Age 61

Sheriff Douglas Pernell died unexpectedly at his home at the age of 61 early Monday evening.

Alan L. Berry, Jr. Sworn In As Dillon Municipal Judge

ALAN L. BERRY, JR. is shown being sworn is as a Municipal Judge for the City of Dillon on Tuesday morning as his daughter, Madison, holds the Bible.

Anthony B. Britt, Jr. Sworn In As Magistrate Judge

New Magistrate Judge Anthony B. Britt, Jr., was sworn in on Monday, July 31, 2023.