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Activities, events, and outreach from Dillon County’s churches and religious community

Bread Of Life: The Blessing Of Corporate Worship

In the early 1960s a newly converted young man, A.W. Tozer, accepted his first call to pastor a small congregation.

Latta United Methodist Church Observes Memorial Day

Latta United Methodist Church held a brief Memorial Day service on Monday morning at the cross in the front yard of the church.

Bread Of Life: Our Response To COVID-19

Two employees were working in the office, but were afraid of catching the virus.

Bread Of Life: Can I Get A Do Over?

As you sit down to read this edition of the paper, it has been almost three weeks since we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior. Have you ever thought about what was accomplished in the forty days between the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ?

Bread Of Life: Essential or Not?

With the COVID-19 virus spreading, we are seeing sudden changes in our lives like never before. It is affecting how we live our daily lives, our financial well being, and our interaction with those outside.

McCoy Chapel Spiritual Choir Celebrates Anniversary

McCoy Chapel U. M. Church Spiritual Choir celebrated their 41st Choir Anniversary on March 14, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. The pastor of McCoy Chapel UMC is Rev. Ronald McCall.

Bread Of Life: Let His Word Wash Over You

Like most of us, I expect you have had a lot of “stay at home” time these past couple of weeks and that situation is not about to change for some time to come.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Many churches will observe non-traditional services for Easter including pre-taped services, live social media services, and drive-in church due to COVID-19. This cross, draped in purple, at Latta United Methodist Church is a reminder of the reason for Easter.

Churchgoers Experience New Way To Worship

Churchgoers are experiencing a new way to worship, many having online or drive-in services. Here is the Drive-in Service at Latta Presbyterian Church and the Carmichael family with their dog.

Bread Of Life: Looking For Hope?

I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places in the world. I have traveled for both work and pleasure.