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The editorials and opinions of the editor of The Dillon Herald and guest columnists

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a problem for many people in our area, and it’s good to see local organizations like the Pick 42 Foundation helping to address this issue by providing fresh local fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

Local News Is Important

You may have heard a great deal recently about news deserts. A news desert is a community that is not being served by a daily or non-daily newspaper with credible news and information.

Low Voter Turnout

Our recent special election for Sheriff has brought to light an important issue that we as a county need to correct before our upcoming elections next year and that is low voter turnout.

A Thank You To The Schafer Foundation And Family

Thank you. It seems like two insignificant words, but are important words to express gratitude for the kind and selfless things that people do.

Local News Is Good For Business

It’s no secret that recent years have been tough on small businesses and on newspapers.

EDITORIAL: The Litter Problem

If you haven’t noticed it yourself on the sides of the road and elsewhere, there is a tremendous litter problem in Dillon County.

Editorial: Too Many Unknowns

By now many people have at least heard about the bomb training facility that is trying to get permitted in Robeson County.

Helping Children Become Financially Literate Adults

Helping the children of South Carolina grow up to be financially literate adults is a particular passion project of mine.

Supporting Local Business Helps The Community

Black Friday may be the longest day of the year. Used to, it was just the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, the pre-Black Friday sales started well before Hallowe’en.

Enough Is Enough

There’s an unfortunate trend continuing in South Carolina and across the nation that must be stopped: the bad behavior of coaches, parents and fans at high school athletic events.