Category: The Adventures Of LCJ

Enjoy these outdoor adventures of Lawrence Cooper Jordan, Jr. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, boating, or other activity, Lawrence takes you on a journey with his columns that you won’t soon forget!

Exploring The Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park is a National Park in South Carolina and I was eager to visit and see why this swamp earned the title of a National Park.

The Adventures Of LCJ: First Striper On The Fly

This year’s striper migration got off to a rough start.

Frog Hunting: The True Story

The warmer months of the summer usually bring a pause in the hunting seasons, but it is also the time that the bullfrogs hop out onto the banks of their ponds and sit all night, overlooking their domain.

Trout On Dry Flies

My mom planned a family weekend to rent a mountain cabin in May, and as anytime we are near the mountains, Dawson Jordan and I checked an app to identify which rivers are nearby.

Hunting The Outer Banks

An active day of duck hunting is an exciting experience regardless of the setting or the target species. Until now we had spent our entire season hunting wood ducks along the Little Pee Dee River.

A Hunt To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving week marks the beginning of duck season, turning the rivers of the Pee Dee region into a battle ground. This part of the season only lasts a week and is usually a hectic week on the river as hunters work to capitalize on the short pre season.

A Weekend Of Fishing

Grayson Highlands State Park, VA is a place that my wife, Shannon, and I have both enjoyed visiting before we met. Shannon has visited to hike with her family while I went on trips with the Boy Scouts. Shannon and I picked the first weekend of November to go together and we packed our bags to hike and camp in the area.

A Strong Start To Shrimping Season

It was late in the afternoon on opening day of shrimping season and two boats were coming home from a day of shrimping in McClellanville. The proud boats rode a little higher on the trailers that day because both had caught limits of shrimp to bring home for many good meals to come.

A Great Day Of Red Fishing

Sometimes we chase the impossible fish where a single bite can make the day and on other days, it is fun to enjoy catching quantities of fish.

My Greatest Catch

Triggered at about the same time as when the dogwoods bloom, many species of fish in South Carolina begin their spawning runs up the state’s intricate river systems.