Category: The Adventures Of LCJ

Enjoy these outdoor adventures of Lawrence Cooper Jordan, Jr. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, boating, or other activity, Lawrence takes you on a journey with his columns that you won’t soon forget!

To The Coast

The 4-Runner was stuffed with a week’s supply of gear and only the dog had space to relax.

Fly Fishing For Arctic Grayling In Interior Alaska

Since my college friend Andrew Case made his move to Alaska with the Army, we had been in discussion about making a trip to visit and see the last frontier.

Whitewater Fishing

While the striper remained in the cold water of the Saluda River for spawning, Dawson Jordan, Ryan Stephens, and I planned a mounted canoe trip to test our luck against the fish.

The Southern Salmon

After hearing reports of striper action on the Wateree River, Dawson Jordan and I wasted no time in planning a trip to catch some.

First Billfish

Several years ago when we had our offshore fishing boat, Cooper Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Dawson Jordan, Ryan Stephens, and I planned a trip to Georgetown to fish in the Gulf Stream.

Chasing Red Drum In The Delta

I haven’t launched the skiff in Georgetown since the fall and was glad to be back in the East’s most remote section of coastline.

Keep It Simple

Fishing can be as complicated or as simple as the fisherman makes it. People have special knots, floats, weights, rigs, and lures that they believe in. The basic rules are that fish like structure and that live, natural bait is usually better than artificial bait.

Paddling On Ice

This winter brought bitter cold weather to Dillon County. The weather was a frequent topic of complaint except from the duck hunters.

French Broad Expedition

We were in a tent, wearing whatever dry clothes we could muster, wrapped in warm liners, and our feet towards a fire. Matt Jordan and I were on an island surrounded by the swift and icy French Broad River.

Lake Marion Stripers

Winter is a great time of the year to fish in the Santee Cooper System for striped bass. This reservoir is fed by the Congaree River and is made up by two connected lakes, Marion and Moultrie.