Category: The Adventures Of LCJ

Enjoy these outdoor adventures of Lawrence Cooper Jordan, Jr. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, boating, or other activity, Lawrence takes you on a journey with his columns that you won’t soon forget!

A Record Day

There are many reasons why we look forward to the fall. Cooler weather, changing leaves, football, and bull red drum. October and April are the best times to fish for these giants, whose size averages at over 20 pounds.

Blackout Shrimping

The South Carolina Shrimp Baiting Season came in on Friday, September 8, at noon. Hunter Jordan, Richard Calhoun, and myself planned a trip to Georgetown on Friday night to try our luck.

Tarpon Action In Georgetown

I was pulling the boat out of the water in McLellanville after a discouraging two day search for Tarpon when a bottlenose dolphin poked his head out of the water hoping to receive some leftover bait.

Saluda River Stripers

The most frustrating feeling while fishing comes when I am doing everything right but still not catching fish, while someone nearby is effortlessly catching fish using the exact same bait.

Fishing The Jigger Pole

Jigger pole fishing is an old classic way to catch fish along riverbanks and ponds where the good spots are hard to reach by casting.

Trials On The Saluda

Unlike other members of the bass family, stripers love cold water and that is exactly why the Saluda River is such a popular place.

River Of Cats

I spent one summer working at the Herald Office Distribution Center and did a lot of different jobs from week to week. I spent a few weeks as a delivery driver and started riding with Dwayne Martin, who showed me how to handle deliveries. It did not take long for me to find out that he was a fisherman and lucky for me, he was happy to share a few secrets.

Boy Scouts On The Art Loeb Trail

The Art Loeb Trail stretches 30 miles across the Pisgah National Forest and into the Shining Rock Wilderness area. Much of the trail follows a bold ridge including many of the highest peaks in the area, regularly reaching altitudes of over 6,000 feet.

Lucky Strikes: Round Three

The Midland Striper Club hosts a tournament on Lake Murray taking place on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The overall winner is named “Team of the Year.”

The Night On Wilburn Ridge

Dillon’s Boy Scout Troop 761 planned a hike one weekend in March ’09. The plan was to hike the Grayson Highlands National Forest along the Appalachian Trail.