Category: The Adventures Of LCJ

Enjoy these outdoor adventures of Lawrence Cooper Jordan, Jr. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, boating, or other activity, Lawrence takes you on a journey with his columns that you won’t soon forget!

A Great Day Of Red Fishing

Sometimes we chase the impossible fish where a single bite can make the day and on other days, it is fun to enjoy catching quantities of fish.

My Greatest Catch

Triggered at about the same time as when the dogwoods bloom, many species of fish in South Carolina begin their spawning runs up the state’s intricate river systems.

The Irrational Angler, A Tale Of Wilson Creek

One of the thrills of fishing on a new river is that there is no historical bias to places where you caught trout before.

The New River Expedition: The Final Stand

The ride with Shawn was enjoyable, informative, and scenic. We rode along a ridge looking down at the Greenbriar River, a tributary of the New River, meeting at Bellepoint West Virginia.

The New River Expedition: More Miles Of Uncertainty

Soon we reached the Pembroke, Virginia, and the canoes were pulled up onto the riverbank.

The New River Expedition: Miles Of Uncertainty

Our shuttle arrived, and Mike stepped out of the van to greet us. He is the owner of Mountain2Island Outfitters and has a shop in Radford Virginia, next to the New River.

The New River Expedition: Part Two

Sunday morning, Day 2- The boats were being loaded to continue the voyage down the New River. Duncan and I looked at the map and agreed that we would set the day’s goal to be setting camp just past the town of Fries, VA (Grayson County) before dusk.

The New River Expedition: Part One

This is part one of a four-part story of the eight-day, 210-mile New River Expedition. This journey was made possible by six men, five of whom call Dillon County home.

Lake Hunting For Mallards

In the blink of an eye, the sportsmen dropped the fishing rods and took up the shotgun. Duck season was to open on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and whether or not they had been scouting, hunter’s would fill South Carolina’s swamps, lakes, and rivers in the morning to come.

Stripers On The Move

Since our first striper fishing expedition launched back in December ’15, we have seldom encountered schooling striper on Lake Moultrie.