Category: The Adventures Of LCJ

Enjoy these outdoor adventures of Lawrence Cooper Jordan, Jr. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, boating, or other activity, Lawrence takes you on a journey with his columns that you won’t soon forget!

The Adventures Of LCJ: Jump Shooting

True sportsmen only shoot ducks when they are in flight. The most common time to go duck hunting is in the early morning when they fly for a 15-20 minute window before sunrise. The birds wake up at the roost and fly to a place where they can find food and other ducks.

The Adventures Of LCJ: Striped Bass

This past weekend, my brother, Dawson, and I learned how to fish for striped bass. I had never been fishing on Lake Santee and was looking forward to trying something new.

The Adventures Of LCJ: Duck Season

Thanksgiving week has come and gone, and with it, the first split of duck season. Duck season runs from Thanksgiving week in November until the end of January, giving an excuse for many to wake up at five in the morning and navigate the river to their favorite spot.