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The editorials and opinions of the editor of The Dillon Herald and guest columnists

Editorial: A Man Who Gets Things Done

The Little Pee Dee State Park is one of Dillon County’s greatest natural treasures.

Editorial: Transparency In Government

Transparency in government is key to promoting accountability of officials and making sure that citizens have information about what their government is doing. It is something that citizens want and government boards and agencies should want and desire.

Editorial: Excellence In Law Enforcement

In today’s paper and this week online, we are saluting our local law enforcement officers.

Op-Ed: Concerns For Children In The Continuing Pandemic

As the elected officers of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (SCAAP), we are writing to express our concerns for children as the pandemic continues.

Editorial: You’re Somebody

Many years ago, Judge Paul Burch issued an order in Dillon County, which had a portion regarding the cleaning of cemeteries.

Editorial: Golf Carts Should Be Used Responsibly

It’s the time of year when one starts seeing golf carts darting around.

Editorial: Dog Owners Must Be Responsible Owners

In recent months, the City of Dillon has received numerous complaints about dogs. It comes up at city council meetings and on other occasions.

Op-Ed: Reading, Writing, And Financial Literacy

Where did you learn about personal finance? Did a patient parent explain the difference between spending for what you need versus what you want?

A Public Servant

Rarely, if ever, does The Herald comment on the stories published in other newspapers, but we couldn’t let the recently published story in the Post & Courier about Dillon Mayor Pro-Tem, Dr. Phil Wallace, go by without putting in our two cents.

Editorial: 4-H Is Alive And Well In Dillon County

Many of you may remember a few months back when we announced that Dillon County had a new 4-H agent, Elizabeth Snipes.