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The editorials and opinions of the editor of The Dillon Herald and guest columnists

Editorial: Don’t Always Believe What You Read On Social Media

Recently someone posted on Facebook® that our General Manager and Advertising Director Johnnie Daniels was leaving The Dillon Herald and going for a new job at the newspaper in Darlington.

Editorial: Do Your Part To Stop The Spread

Almost everywhere you look, COVID-19 precautions are being advertised whether it is on social media, tv, and even your local newspaper, and there is a reason.

Editorial: The Importance Of Being Prepared

Hurricane season is upon us, and this year is predicted to be an active hurricane season. With COVID-19 still on the rise and some basic supplies harder to come by, it is more important than ever to be prepared and stay prepared during this hurricane season.

Editorial: Dismal Voter Turnout

While the interest was great and the enthusiasm was high to learn of the election results on Tuesday night, that same enthusiasm did not spill over into actually voting in the run-off on Tuesday.

Editorial: Reminders

Several things are going on right now that are worthy of reminders.

Editorial: Exercise Your Right To Vote

Voting is important. Many people, such as women, men who didn’t own land, and African-Americans, all had to fight for the right to be able to cast a ballot. They fought so that all may have a say in how the government is run and who is running it.
It is important that people exercise their right to vote in the upcoming primary.

Editorial: Take COVID-19 Seriously

As more and more businesses and venues open up, there are many who are under the misimpression that because these entities are opening up that COVID-19 is over. This is not the case.

Census 2020: Do Your Civic Duty

Earlier this year, every household received a 2020 census form in the mail. Did you fill it out and mail it back or complete it online?

Editorial: Making Your Voice Heard

Absentee voting has been a hot topic in recent past elections mainly over a topic which some call “voter harvesting.”
We are not here today to take up that issue, but rather the issue of making your voice heard in the upcoming election during COVID-19.

Op-Ed: COVID-19 Financial Tips

It’s no secret that money has a significant influence on our lives. While this is frequently made obvious in our daily routines, nothing underscores that sentiment quite like the current crisis.