Editorial: 4-H Is Alive And Well In Dillon County

Many of you may remember a few months back when we announced that Dillon County had a new 4-H agent, Elizabeth Snipes.
COVID-19 struck along this time, offices closed, and many may have forgotten about this terrific opportunity for our children to get involved in this important extracurricular activity or you may have wondered if it was still able to proceed.
We are happy to report that despite the pandemic, 4-H is alive and well and Dillon County and always eager for more children to get involved and participate. Activities are virtual for now, but there are lots of things that have been occurring virtually that kids can participate in.
For example, the Valentine’s Panda Paint Party that was reported on the front of Tuesday’s Dillon Herald is a great way to get involved. For more information, check out Tuesday’s issue of The Dillon Herald or visit the Dillon County 4-H page on Facebook®. A word of caution, hurry if you are interested. Registration ends today, January 28th.
Other current virtual offerings are virtual chess club and virtual cooking club.
For those who have participated in 4-H when they were younger, you know what a worthwhile activity that 4-H can be for many children. Some of us reading this editorial learned useful skills such as cooking, sewing, gardening, and more at 4-H meetings.
Get your child or grandchildren involved in this activity now to give them more opportunities for fun and learning during this pandemic.
If you would like more information on 4-H activities, contact Elizabeth Snipes, your Dillon County 4-H agent, at esnipe2@clemson.edu. She will glad to tell you ways that you can get involved with 4-H.
Also, continue to look in The Dillon Herald for more information and articles on 4-H and 4-H activities.

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