Editorial: Excellence In Law Enforcement

In today’s paper and this week online, we are saluting our local law enforcement officers.
While each agency is unique, it is easy for find excellence in all of our law enforcement agencies. For example, Latta is cutting edge and leading the way in technology; Dillon can always be called upon at a moment’s notice to lend a helping hand; and Lake View serves its community with pride and distinction. Many, many positive things could be said of all of our departments and all appear to be doing a great job of serving and protecting the citizens.
Perhaps the biggest splash has been made by the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Douglas Pernell. Right out of the gate, he and his office have showed they are serious about enforcing the law, that they will make arrests, and that they will be a working department. The public has seen the great impact he has been making especially in the area of drugs, and most people can’t be happier about it. He has also been involved in various community activities and is a Sheriff that is seen working to make things better. Law enforcement is a tough job. It’s the kind of job where one doesn’t know what the day will bring. It requires sacrifice and commitment. Our hats are off to all of those who carry the badge and gun each day with the mission to protect and serve.

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