Editorial: A Man Who Gets Things Done

The Little Pee Dee State Park is one of Dillon County’s greatest natural treasures.
Many people have one memory or another that they can associate with the park. Some took their first camping trip there. Some caught their first fish there. Some remember attending a family picnic, birthday party, reunion, or other event at the park. Mamy memories are still being made there, and many are due to the improvements over the last few years that have been made at the park.
At the heart of these improvements has been one man who has worked tirelessly to get things done at the park and has sought no recognition. That man is Rep. Jackie Hayes.
In all honesty, Rep. Hayes will probably not be too pleased that he is being given recognition because he didn’t get these improvements done for the glory. Actually, he has worked quietly to get most of these improvements done, not taking credit, because the improvements needed to be done to make the park more user friendly for all who visit there.
Three of the most noticeable improvements have been the road coming into the park, the camper cabin, and the repair of the dam. The ride is smooth coming into the park due to the road now being paved. If you have visited in recent years prior to the road being paved, you know it was a very bumpy, primitive ride almost not worth the trip.
Also, in the past, if you came to stay at the park, you brought your own lodging such as your camper, your tent, etc. Now, a camper cabin is available for rent thanks to funding Rep. Hayes secured. This is surely an attractive feature for this park.
Another of the most noticeable improvements has been the repair of the dam, which broke during a hurricane a few years ago. Lake Norton sat lifeless for months after the hurricane, but now the dam is fixed, and people can enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating in the lake.
Speaking of boating, if you have enjoyed the canoes and kayaks available at the park, Rep. Hayes got the funding for those as well.
He also secured funding for the new playground equipment that is usually filled with children, who are with their families at the park.
At last check, the park’s campsites have been at capacity nearly every weekend that there has been good weather suitable for outdoor activities.
People from all walks of life and not only our county, but from other states, have been out at the park enjoying picnics, fishing, and other activities.
Most of the things that people are out their enjoying are there because our representative, Jackie Hayes, pushed to get the funding for the projects and the work done. The next time you are out at the park take a look around and see what has been accomplished and thank Jackie Hayes. He deserves our appreciation for a job well done.

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