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Senate Report: Hot Weather

We are currently in what is usually the hottest month of the year in the United States and our home state of South Carolina! With an average temperature range of 84 degrees to 98 degrees.

Dillon County Passes On-Time Budget With No Tax Increase

Dillon County Council passed a balanced budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

City Of Dillon Passes Budget With Increases In Millage, Fees

The City of Dillon recently passed their 2023 budget with a millage increase, water and sewer increases, and a substantial raise for police officers.

VIDEO: Dillon County Council July 2023 Meeting

VIDEO: Dillon County Council July 2023 Meeting

VIDEO: Dillon City Council-July 2023 Meeting

Dillon City Council July 2023 meeting

VIDEO: Dillon County Council-June 2023

VIDEO: Dillon County Council-June 2023

VIDEO: Dillon City Council Meeting-June 2023

Dillon City Council-June 2023 meeting

Elbert Lane Receives Plaque For 21 Years Of Service

The Dillon County Landfill and The Dillon County Convenience Sites presented a plaque to Elbert Lane for his 21 plus years of service. Mr. Lane retired in April of 2023. Presenting the plaque is Kevin Mincey, supervisor of the Dillon County Landfill; and Vernon Grimsley, supervisor of the convenience sites. (Photo by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald)

Outgoing Auditor Honored For Service

Vice-Chairwoman Detrice McCollum Dawkins presents a plaque to outgoing auditor Kay McKenzie at last Wednesday’s Dillon County Council meeting.

Outgoing Magistrate Judge Honored

Dillon County District Two Councilman Dennis Townsend presents a plaque to Charles Spivey.