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VIDEO: Latta Town Council Called Meeting, July 31, 2022

VIDEO: Latta Town Council Called Meeting, July 31, 2022

VIDEO: Dillon County Council July 2022 Meeting

VIDEO:: Dillon County Council July 2022 Meeting

Sanitation Rates Going Up In City Of Dillon

City of Dillon residents will see a 10 percent increase in sanitation fees starting this month as part of the 2022-2023 city budget.

City Of Dillon Gets Clean Opinion On Audit Report

The City of Dillon received their audit report at a recent meeting. Smith Brooks of Kenneth Cobb & Company, P.C., reported that the City of Dillon had once again received a clean opinion on their audit, which they have had for many years.

Two Latta Town Councilmen Resign From Office

Two Latta Town Council members resigned from office on Monday just days after a controversial council meeting where they were outvoted 5-2 to proceed with special mayor’s election in a format that was against the advice of their attorney, who has also resigned.

Latta Town Attorney Janet Paschal Resigns

On Friday, July 15, the day after the Latta Town Council meeting in which the council voted to proceed with a special election open to everyone against the town attorney’s advice, Town Attorney Janet Altman Paschal resigned from the position.

Latta Council Votes To Open Special Election For Mayor To All Candidates Against Town Attorney’s Advice

Against the legal advice of their attorney, the Latta Town Council voted 5-2 to hold a special election open to all candidates who pick up a copy of the petition from the Latta Town Hall and complete it to run for mayor.

BREAKING NEWS: Lake View Primary Election Results Are In

The Lake View Election Results are in!

Special Primary Election To Be Held For Dillon County Council District Two Seat

A primary election will be held on Tuesday, July 12th for the Dillon County Council District Two seat left vacant by the death of Councilman Chris Miller.

BREAKING NEWS: State Democratic Party Reverses County Party Decision In District 6 Council Race

The State Democratic Party executive committee reversed the Dillon County Democratic Party’s decision and reinstated the election results for Robbie Coward in the Dillon County District Six County Council race against Gerome McLeod.