Dillon County Passes On-Time Budget With No Tax Increase

Dillon County Council passed a balanced budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.
The total General Fund budget is $22,636,378. There was no increase in millage. There was an increase in the county’s dumpster fees, but these fees vary according to size, said County Administrator Tim Harper.
A new maintenance position was added to the budget as well as a part-time clerk in the Magistrate’s office.
There were no capital purchases as part of the budget. All capital purchases are part of the GO bond, which was expected to get its second reading on Wednesday.
All full-time employees received a $1,500 raise and all Certified Officers in the Detention Center and Sheriff’s Officer received a $3,000 raise.
The budget was passed on schedule. Harper said, “Council and I have put together a balanced budget that has been approved by the June 30th deadline. The budget does not include a millage increase. Council stressed that after going through reassessment last year, they did not want to have a tax increase. I want to thank Council and staff for their input and assistance in getting the budget completed, and especially the Finance Office and the Treasurer’s Office for their assistance. We have also tried to look out for our staff with the raises included in the budget.”

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