New Life Family Worship Center Presents “Our Gift, The Life Of Jesus”

The New Life Family Worship Center presented “Our Gift, The Life of Jesus” on Thursday and Friday, December 14 and 15 at 7:00 p.m. each night.
Pastor Jim Owens had the opening prayer and welcomed everyone for joining this special event.
The props, the scenery and costumes were great.
The play was written by Chris McKenzie. The play invited everyone to follow along with their pioneer family as they lovingly shared the Life of Jesus. There hope was to not only celebrate their gift in the Life of Jesus, the Reason for This Season, but also to inspire and encourage everyone to share the same with each’s family. The New Life Family Worship Center encourages everyone to keep this tradition alive as it is a command from God to share about Him with our children from generation to generation.
There was refreshments for everyone including hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, chili, and much more as everyone enjoyed “Our Gift, The Life of Jesus”.
In scene 1: an Angel visits Mary. Scene 2: Mary visits Elizabeth. “Mary’s Song of Praise” was sung by Josey Berry. Scene 3: an Angel visits Joseph. Scene 4: No room at the Inn. Scene 5: The Shepherd’s Visitation. Scene 6: the Manger Scene. The song, “Mary, Did You Know” was sung by Rodney Berry. Scene 7: Simeon at the Temple. Simeon’s song was sung by Kim Williamson. Scene 8: John the Baptist. Scene 9: Jesus on the Cross. Scene 10: Jesus is Alive! The song, “He’s Alive” was sung by Missy Berry.
New Life Family Worship Center is located at 2470 Hwy. 301 South, Dillon, S.C.

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