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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

Libby’s Recipes: Orange Fruit Salad

This recipe comes from my sister and is so simple you don’t even have to boil water- my kind of recipe.

Libby’s Recipes: Pistachio Pudding

This week’s recipe is a favorite of my nephew Jeff Huggins- and I am partial to it, too.

Observations No. 3

I am a member of the MMC-D – hospital – Auxiliary, and part of my duties is to work a four hour shift in the hospital Gift Shop once a month. The job is not hectic; we had $27.20 in cash sales today. Perhaps the most challenging part of the job is working the cash (computer) register. For some, it is a breeze; for others because it is encountered only monthly, it causes some mild anxiety.


I recently saw the following message on a sign in front of a local church: What part of SHALT NOT don’t you understand. Of course it refers to the admonitions stated in the Good Book known as the Big X or the Big Ten. Recently I heard a person who offered a comment concerning how a friend dealt with one of these no-nos, the shall nots, in the Bible.

Libby’s Recipes: Banana Nut Muffins

Our daughter Kate was home from Clemson this past week. She will be back for spring break in less than three weeks- yeah.
I made these muffins Sunday morning just before Kate headed back to Clemson. She took half the bath with her- still piping hot!

Observations #2

An avid gardener and outdoorsman all his life, now that the season is warming, he longs to get his hands dirty, to work the soil, to do the planting like he used to do but, alas, there will be no gardening this year. His last attempt to deal with nature’s bounty was difficult.

Observations #1

I can relate to my friend, I’ll call him Jim. One of ten children, he was sleeping when I spoke to him, something he does frequently at 91 years of age. He presently had no roommate in his home away from home. But he has a story.

Unexpected Guests

I was born a few yards from where I am sitting writing this column. The birthday house, long gone, was built in 1926 and over the years was the home for 9 children and their parents.

Monday Is Wash Day

here is only one person in my household, but you would not know it from the money spent on cleaning supplies, several hundreds of dollars each year.

Libby’s Recipes: Dorothy Jean George’s Strawberry Cake

Here is a beautiful red cake you might want to bake for your sweethearts for Valentine’s Day. It is Mrs. Dorothy Jean George’s recipe.