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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

Libby’s Recipes: Tomato Salad

Our recipe this week comes from Rocky Brunson and was passed on to him from his mother Mrs. Mildred Brunson. Rocky made this for the June birthday dinner at Latta United Methodist Church and I am told it was quite a hit.


Adolescence is a time to try out new things, to experiment, to challenge the conventional, to test the waters, a time to broaden one’s boundaries or simply a time to begin the growing up process.

Libby’s Recipes: Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

This week’s recipe is yet another one from my sister Judy. These biscuits taste a lot like those at a well-known seafood restaurant.

Libby’s Recipes: Peach Pie

In keeping with easy, here is a simple recipe for a peach pie.

Libby’s Recipes: Potatoes And Onions

I hesitate to call this a recipe, but I have made it a couple of times recently and my crowd has eaten it.

Observations No. 10

Epiphany: One meaning is a sudden realization of something perhaps ordinarily obvious to most but not to you until suddenly a light comes on in your mind. Eureka!


According to the Dillon County web site, there are 11 tax supported Dumpster @ locations (Convenience Centersites or Recycling Centers) strategically located throughout the county that are staffed by trained county employees during regular collection hours four days a week. There is hardly any item to be discarded that cannot be accommodated at each site where special dumpsters are available.

Libby’s Recipes: Crockpot Roast

Here is yet another slow cooker recipe. This one I made Monday of this week and Keith went back for seconds- yeah!

Observations No. 10

More observations from Bill Lee.

Libby’s Recipes: Country Apple Dumplings

My friends Laura Beaver and Lois Flowers brought me these apple dumplings following my surgery- yummy.