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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

Libby’s Recipes: Taco Soup

Okay, I finally made the taco soup and I’m giving it two thumbs up. In fact, Keith (the Mikey of our family) went back for seconds and thirds.


In 2011, the American state of Indiana announced that its schools will no longer be required to teach cursive writing, and instead will teach “keyboard proficiency”. (Wikipedia) This caused me to think about my handwriting experiences way back then and now thus this column.

Libby’s Recipes: Candy Bar Cake

Candy Bar Cake-A recipe from my niece Tara.

Libby’s Recipes: Sour Cream Muffins

Tonight I am trying a new recipe for taco soup. If it is edible, I will run it next week. I do hate to make guinea pigs of us all with an untried recipe.
As for this week, I will play it safe with a super-simple, three ingredient muffin.


Aging has its inevitable challenges, some predictable and others that come about without any apparent cause.

Who Would Have Thought?

Recently I wrote about my boyhood experiences at the Hamer School c. 1934-41. `At the time I did not realize how fortunate I was to live in such a community when life was simpler and freedoms were more prevalent.

Libby’s Recipes: Bobbie Jean’s Chocolate Cake

This week’s recipe is a re-run, but it has been quite some time since we first ran it. It is one of my mother-in-law’s signature recipes and is the cake Kate requested for her birthday last weekend.

It’s Good For You?

Perhaps you read or have read the comic strip DILBERT by Scott Adams. Mr. Adams is too clever, and recently I read an article he published in the WSJ about some of the courses he was required to take in college.

Libby’s Recipes: Butter Pecan Coconut Cake

This week’s recipe was sent to me by my sister Judy.

Last Rites

When I got my South Carolina driver’s license it seems I was about 14 years old. There were no provisional steps to get a license, no driver education classes as exist today; you simply appeared, took the test, paid a fee and got the license. How you learned to drive was highly unstructured.