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Poll: Rising Gas Prices & Travel

How are rising gas prices affecting the way you travel?

Shootings Are Not Hard To Explain

To The Editor:
All the school shootings and youth involved in shootings is not hard to explain.

Latta Revitalization: A Group Getting Things Done

Over the past year, you may have noticed some activity in downtown Latta that has added to the quality of life and just brightened up the area.


With a 169% increase in COVID cases in the past two weeks, do you think people are becoming too lax in taking COVID-19 precautions?


In his letter to VFW Posts across America, VFW National Commander Fritz Mihelcic asked the question, “How do we repay the men and women who have died defending the nation in uniform?”

POLL: Do you think Main Street in Dillon should be changed from four lanes to three lanes?

Do you think Main Street in Dillon should be changed from four lanes to three lanes?

Veteran Gets Wheelchair Ramp

To The Editor:
Recently, Dillon County Help for Veterans learned of a local veteran who was in a Veterans hospital recovering from a leg amputation as well as some other health issues.

Local Man Happy About Broadband Efforts

I attended the Dillon County Council meeting tonight and came away with the belief that this was one of the best days in the history of Dillon County.

Making Mental Health Parity A Priority

When someone gets the flu, or sprains an ankle, there’s no question about whether care is needed.

Inflation Must Be Taken Seriously

Having left inflation unchecked for so long, the challenge now for the White House and the Federal Reserve Board is keeping soaring prices from overwhelming family budgets without triggering a recession. It’s a delicate balance. Are they up to the challenge?