Health, Safety, Privacy and Security

January 9, 2023

Dear Editor,
Many residents of the Pee Dee are concerned about the small cell wireless antennas being deployed in our state. These powerful antennas, part of the next generation of wireless technology (5G), are being placed in close proximity to homes, schools, business, churches, historic downtowns, and other places where we engage in the activities of our daily lives, even though there is no science that assures their safety. This is an undeniable risk. The FCC’s human exposure guidelines for the radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation used for this technology area almost 4 decades out of date and the agency has dismissed the results of a decade-long research on RF microwave radiation and human health completed by the National Toxicology Program that showed “clear evidence of carcinogenicity.” Points of concern regarding the placement of 5g small cell antennas are negative effects upon property values, health, safety, privacy and security. Radiation has been linked to the following symptoms/illnesses including (but no limited to): chronic fatigue, ADHA, memory, headache, focus, irritability, anxiety, inability to articulate speech, eye problems, dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, blood clots, seizures, nose bleeds, skin rash, insomnia, cancer, diabetes, depression, autism, childhood leukemia, and DNA damage. Points of science include thousands of published, peer-reviewed studies that wireless radiation is harmful. More than 250 medical and public health professionals have signed a joint statement urging officials to consider the latest science on human health and microwave radiation. (See Environmental Health Trust). There are two ways the small cell antennas can enter our towns and neighborhoods; (1) Telecom’s applying for permits and license through out municipalities; Many municipalities are pushing back for getting educated on this subject and updating codes and ordinances so they can have a true legal voice in just where these antennas can or cannot be placed. However, this is not a simple process and requires serious attention. Once a telecom applies for a permit, the window of opportunity to strengthen the community’s position is lost. Yes, time is of the essence. (2) Directly to the consumer due to the FCC reversing the OTARD Rule (Over the Air Reception Device)/ The reversing of the OTARD rule allows the telecom companies to offer deals to innocent consumers who have no idea these small cells have the above referenced negative effects. The neighbors have no warning or voice in saying “no’ to these small cell installations. Some companies are offering as much as $600 to uninformed consumers. Small cell antennas have nothing to do with on-line education, tele-medicine, improving access to internet, or the internet of things, but rather a way for these companies to enter a highly lucrative video streaming business competing with cable. American telephone customers have already paid billions for a national, fiber-optic network that would provide low-cost, reliable, safe and secure broadband internet access to every American. Fiber-optic then allows the informed consumer to choose hardwire over wireless eliminating radiation in that setting. See “Americans for Responsible Technology” for more information ant tool kits on how to approach and help your municipalities and inform your neighbors. For more free educational material and information please see (1)\Attorney Andrew Campanelli video transcript; and “Generation Zapped”, an international award-winning documentary film (74 minutes). Please call your representatives in Washington and ask them to demand that the FCC repeal its decision on OTARD. (Note: Children are at the highest risk regarding continued radiation exposure due to their developing bodies).
Wanda Elvington
Children’s Advocate for Safe
Technology Education
303 East 4th Avenue
Lake View, S.C. 29563

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