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Editorial: Spend Your Dollars In Dillon County

This sales tax free holiday weekend is Friday through Sunday, and many people will be doing their back-to-school shopping.

Editorial: Importance Of Open Government

Open government is important, and the Freedom of Information Act is there to make sure that government operates in the sunshine.

Editorial: Courage And A $20 Tape Recorder

I got a call from a school board member recently asking what to do when her board goes into executive session and then talks about things that cannot legally be discussed there.

Editorial: County Council Did The Right Thing

The Dillon County Council was right last week when a majority of its members decided not to go along with a resolution in support of I-73.

Editorial: ‘You’ve Got Jury Duty’

“You’ve got jury duty.” It’s four words that most of us are not anxious to hear. Not many people are anxious to spend their week in service to the court system when we all have other things that we need to do.

Editorial: Volunteer This Year

This week is National Volunteer Week. Volunteers and their service are extremely important in our community.

Editorial: Make The Time To Vote

The City of Dillon has a council election on Tuesday with two seats with opposition.

Editorial: Positive Things

Every now and again, it’s good to be reminded of some of the positive things that are happening in Dillon County. Lately, we have had our share of positive news. Let’s review some of it.

Editorial: Openess And Understanding

In Thursday’s paper, we reported that the Town of Latta had approved a resolution to implement a two percent hospitality tax and a three percent accommodations tax that they had passed in 2008.

Opinion: Government Transparency

It was three years ago this month that I unveiled the state’s first Transparency Web site, giving taxpayers a central site to view itemized expenditures for state agencies. The idea was simple: People work hard for their money, and they deserve easy, click-of-a-mouse access to details about how government uses their tax dollars.