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Editorial: Changing The Form Of Government Won’t Change The Problems In Latta

There has been a rumbling going on in the Town of Latta among a few people about changing the form of government.

Thoughts: Just Sayin’

The older one gets the more lessons he has learned or, in some cases, not learned.

Opinion: Is It Fair?

There used to be a song that said, “I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden.” A rose garden though is what many of the American people thought they were getting with the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obamacare.

Editorial: The Plague Of Misinformation Continues

Recently at a Dillon City Council meeting, a couple of council members spoke about misinformation in the public. Then at least one proceeded to give out misinformation in regards to the county and taxes.

Editorial: Lemonade Or Sour Grapes?

Ask any local citizen who has heard about the city and county possibly leasing the golf course, and one will get a number of strong opinions both in favor and against the issue.

Editorial: When The Circus Comes To Town

At a public grievance hearing for the Clerk/Treasurer Ernest Barrentine, who was not reappointed in a 4-3 vote of council, Councilman Brian Mason made the statement that  he was told by a council member that this member not going to show up at the hearing for a “circus.”

Op-Ed: Newspapers Are A Doorway To The Community

In communities and towns and small cities all across South Carolina, in the sometimes out of the way places that increasingly divergent populations call home – in the place where you grew up, or where your grandparents, perhaps, once tilled the soil on the family farm – the single common denominator binding these individual places together is the local community newspaper.

Op-Ed: Stand Up For Your Rights

It’s Sunshine Week, a week to promote open government. Since you are reading an editorial column in this newspaper, you likely care about what is going on in your community and with your government. This is a good thing and unfortunately not common enough.

Editorial: Focusing On Truancy

When one thinks of Family Court, the first thing that may come to mind is a divorce or child custody, but one of the most important issues that the Family Court handles is truancy.

Op-Ed: Taking the Challenge, Changing the Game

Like most industries, farming constantly evolves. And just like business owners factor different variables into their profitability, farmers must weigh each opportunity and consider how it would benefit our operations.