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The Commitment

The fire service is a noble calling whether one is a volunteer or chooses it for a profession. It’s a tremendous responsibility to protect the life and property of those one serves.

We Want To Hear From You

Each year about this time, we ask that you make a New Year’s resolution—write a least one letter to the editor this year.
We want to hear from you about issues important to Dillon County and all of our municipalities—and there are many issues about which you can express an opinion.

An Effort Worthy Of Note

Looking back at 2015, there was an effort by the City of Dillon Police Department worthy of being noted.

Columnist Will Be Greatly Missed

Normally in a Tuesday issue, readers would usually find the regular column contributed by Bill Lee. Unfortunately, today we report the sad news that Bill Lee passed away on Sunday.

The Red Cross Wants You

The Dillon County Chapter of the American Red Cross wants you.  Our local chapter is in dire need of volunteers who have some time to give back to their community and who can pass a background check.

Opinion: Avery McCall Shunned By Shrine Bowl

Three consecutive State Championship football rings in his fourth season as quarterback for the Dillon High School Wildcats, and senior Avery McCall has been shunned by the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas Selection Committee! Well, go figure!

Opinion: In An Age Of Misinformation, Newspapers Still Shine

It’s National Newspaper Week and our theme this year is The Power of the Press.

It’s Sunshine Week

It’s Sunshine Week in South Carolina and the nation.  It is a time to recognize and encourage open government and letting the sun shine in on public documents and  meetings.  

Newspapers Are ‘The Tie That Binds’

What do you care most about in life?
Most of us would put family at, or near, the top of such a list. Friends would be there. So would our jobs or businesses, our livelihoods. Our homes. Maybe our pets. Our hobbies and pastimes. Add in those around us: Neighbors, the community, etc.

Thanks For The Article On The Gaddys

To The Editor:
I want to thank you for the front page article about Aaron, Ona, and Brenda Gaddy. They deserve the article.