A Thank You To The Schafer Foundation And Family

Thank you. It seems like two insignificant words, but are important words to express gratitude for the kind and selfless things that people do.
For about 52+ years now, The Schafer Foundation has poured millions of dollars not only into Dillon County, but into charitable causes across the state and across the border.
The public often benefits from the funds they donate not even realizing that it is Schafer Foundation funds that were responsible for the projects.
They have given funds to schools, fire departments, parks, ramps for the handicapped, the arts, food banks, the Humane Society, children’s charities, and many, many more worthwhile causes and organizations.
Most recently, they have donated $1.5 million for the benefit of four county parks—two to be renovated and two new parks.
Rarely have they received recognition for all they do for the community and never have they sought it, but they should be recognized for the positive things that they are doing in our community.
We are very fortunate to have a foundation like this one in our community and to have a family who cares for the county and wants to see it be the best it can be. They could choose to do nothing, but they choose to do good and the people in our county and our area should be extremely grateful to have a foundation who does so much.
Thank you to the Schafer Foundation and to Ryan and Richard Schafer for all you do for the community. It is greatly appreciated.

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