Election Of Detrice Dawkins As Chairwoman Of Dillon County Council Is Significant Milestone

By Betsy Finklea
The election of Detrice McCollum Dawkins as chairwoman of the Dillon County Council marks a significant milestone in Dillon County’s history.
Dawkins is the first African-American woman to hold the position of chairwoman of Dillon County Council. However, making history isn’t new to Dawkins. She made history when she was first elected becoming the first African-American woman elected to the Dillon County Council.
As chairwoman, Dawkins hopes to move Dillon County Council in a different direction. Dawkins said she is hoping to enhance what they do as a council to help bring progress to the county.

Chairwoman Detrice Dawkins

One thing that she would like to see done is to have “working” committees with regular meeting dates and reports to council. She would also like to have department heads attend committee meetings so that can speak directly about their needs. She said this will get the whole team at the table and working together. Dawkins would also like to see the council meet together more as a whole
Dawkins wants each council member to propose two attainable goals. She then wants to post these goals as the vision and direction that the council is headed in. She said even if just 10 out of 14 goals get accomplished, the public will see change and work getting done.
Dawkins also wants to focus on follow-ups. She said council may discuss something or pass something one meeting and then may never hear about it again. She said she wants to have more follow-ups when these things occur.
One thing that Dawkins would like to see is the county and city work more closely together, She wants to have quarterly meetings which involve the county, city, and the other municipalities.
Another focus for Dawkins is making sure that the parks get up to par.
As far as this history-making moment, Dawkins said “it’s a wonderful feeling” to be awarded this position of trust as chairwoman by her fellow councilmen. “I still can’t believe it,” she said the day after the election.
Dawkins said when running for office and now Dillon County Council chairwoman, she never set out to be the first at anything or to make history. She saw some change was needed and wanted to make a difference. She cares about people and getting the work done.
Dawkins wants to be remembered for the work she did. She said at her funeral she wants people to say that she was a good servant and did what she did for the people, and it be the truth.
She feels good about being chairwoman and knows her grandfather, who used to be a campaign worker over the years, would be proud.
Dawkins hopes to leave a legacy of which her children and future generations can be proud—a legacy of a public servant who worked tirelessly for the community and Dillon County.

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