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The personal reflections and commentary of Bishop Michael Goings, a well-known pastor and author, on local, state, national, and international issues

Unforgettable Moms

I am going to dedicate my column today to sharing some memorable and truly remarkable thoughts about, arguably, the one person in most of our lives who have been indispensable.

An Alarming Reality

There have been only a few things that have happened in our locale that have captured my attention and have disturbed me as much as the recent violence and slayings of youth killing youth.

Why I Pray For The President

When the idea to write this article came to me, I immediately began to consider some of the negative feedback that I may receive from various people, especially the ones to whom I am close.

Restoring The Sacredness Of Easter

From a biblical perspective, there are two events in the annals of human history that have priority over all others. Both of them involve Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior of the World and Founder of Christianity. These events were His birth and Resurrection.

Two Grandfathers Who Are Making A Difference

I was recently invited to be the keynote speaker at an event that was organized to highlight the work and achievement of a non-profit organization that deals in sports.

Is The Church Infected With AIDS?

In my column last week, I gave a special tribute to a man who was a pillar and paradigm of a true servant of God. Dr. Billy Graham was much more than America’s most famous and perhaps most well loved preacher.

The Nation’s Greatest Preacher

I do not know exactly what it was that caused me to initially forget to dedicate my column today to the memory, legacy, and many contributions that Dr. Billy Graham bequeathed our nation and the world; however, I quickly came to myself and replaced the subject that I was going to consider with an endeavor to honor America’s foremost preacher of our times.

Part Four: Aunt Daisy’s Dramatic Dream Bed

In this final installment of our four part series (that features the adventures of Mitchell and Michelle who have traveled back in time due to the magical and mysterious powers of Aunt Daisy’s Dramatic Dream Bed), they have experienced a quantum leap into the future. The year is 1956 and the place is Montgomery, Alabama. Something is about to happen that will become the catalyst for a movement that will change America.

Part Three: Aunt Daisy’s Dramatic Dream Bed

0 PART THREE When Mitchell and Michelle finally arrived to the plantation in North Carolina, along with all the other Africans who had been purchased in Charleston at the slave market, they were awestruck by the sight of seeing Blacks toiling in a huge cotton field. Once they arrived at the big white antebellum mansion…

Aunt Daisy’s Dramatic Dream Bed: Part Two

In the first installment of our fictional drama based upon historical facts and events, Mitchell and Michelle were induced into a deep sleep by Aunt Daisy’s hypnotic voice and the mysterious and magical powers of her dream bed. With their mother looking upon her twins as they journeyed deeper and deeper into the realm of history and imagination, she was awestruck and very curious as to where their initial experience and journey in this shadowy realm of antiquity would land them. However, she was certain that in their experiences and journeys, they would be safe and would return unscathed and enlightened as she had done when she was a child many, many years ago.