The Joy Of Giving And Serving Others

​The inspiration for this article in my column today came not long after I went to an elderly woman’s home to pick up her garbage bags and take them to the county drop-off site in New Town. Ever since her brother had been sick and unable to handle this for her, I have made this my personal responsibility that I attend to twice a month. Out of this service that I render to her without charge and other generous and charitable acts that I and many others give to the well-being of others, came the idea for what you are presently reading. Is there truly joy and satisfaction to be gleaned in giving and serving others? Through experience for many years, I can truly say without any exaggeration or fabrication that there is. Though I am not a physician or psychologist, I am of the opinion that our Creator put in our DNA a triggering mechanism that releases a protein substance, like endorphin, into our brain that produces joy when we give and serve others with godly and pure motives. Perhaps I am stretching it a bit and using a little hyperbole, but there are many like me out there who will attest to the joy they experience when they give to and serve others with pure motives. Now that I have already considered what it does for those who give and serve others with sincere and pure motives, I will consider and comment on the other positive results that are produced when your giving and serving are correct and cheerful.

Meets a Need in the Lives of Others
​Invariably, one of the positive results that stem from giving and serving others is that it provides a need that they have. Everyone who gives and serves (whether individually or collectively with a group) is helping to supply the needs of others. This is true when you volunteer your time, talent, or treasure (money) to any charitable group that is working to aid and relieve the suffering of destitute people. It is also true when you individually offer your assistance to help people who need help in any area. Though it perhaps may be the norm that people need help in the area of money and material things more than in any other area, there are some exceptional cases and situations when the most urgent need of people are immaterial things like: comfort, encouragement, fellowship, and empathy.

Produces Deliverance from Anxiety and Other Detrimental Emotions
​I have both experienced as a recipient and witnessed what giving and serving others with godly motives can accomplish. I know of no one (if they will be honest) who will not admit that through the joy of giving and serving others an urgent need was met. Whether it was material, financial, or in some immaterial or abstract aspect, the need came right on time. This often takes place unbeknown to the person or persons who are giving to and serving others. Again, I have been on both the giving to and receiving end of the drama of such interactions between people. I have often experienced the joy of getting some needed money through the mail or a handshake or having some to tell me with much joy and appreciation after I gave them some money or words of affirmation, “You did not know that I desperately needed what you gave me!” So, do not forget that when you give to and serve others with godly motives, you are helping to release or relieve them from anxiety and other detrimental emotions.

Causes Others to Imitate Your Generous Example
​I know that the primary reason why I am a person who gives to and serve others is due to my mother’s impact and influence on my life. My mother was a giver and servant of people, as far back as I can remember, until she became too old and unable to do so (due to dementia when she could no longer do it). However, when she could, she gave generously and often very sacrificially to help people through taking them to the doctor, to search for jobs, and other places of importance. Though I gleaned some of my charitable ways from my father and a few others, it was Mrs. Marie Goings, who God used to ignite the fire of my desire to give and be a servant to others. Though at times she would be criticized by a few others or taken for granted by some when she gave to and served them, I never heard her complain or witnessed her suspending her giving or serving. In that regard, I am following my mother’s untiring example with wishes that both my natural and spiritual children will do likewise concerning me.

Causes Recipients to Glorify God
​Since God is the source and reason why anyone (whether believers or unbelievers) are inspired to give or serve others. The most important thing that comes out of people being generous in any effort to help destitute people in any area or aspect is that it fulfills His purpose and often causes people to praise and give Him thanks (2 Corinthians 9:12-15). Some will perhaps not believe this, but our Creator (who causes the sun to shine on the just as well as the unjust) is the source behind every good and perfect gift whether in the sacred, secular, spiritual or material realms (James 1:17). It does not matter whether it is through the Red Cross or the Red Crescent (that is Islamic in affiliation) that help comes, at the end of the day God is the source.

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