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Black History Month: Women Preachers

During the entire month of February, I am going to dedicate my column each week to the task of celebrating and citing blacks who have played an essential role in helping to shape the African-American community and culture of Dillon County.

African-American Builders And Contractors

Due to the fact that ever since my father was a young man, in his mid-twenties, working under the tutelage of Mr. J. E. Thomas (a white bricklayer and contractor), construction and building has been a part of my family’s professional and occupational legacy and tradition.

The Green Book Of Dillon County

A very historical and popular movie that came out in 2018, received a few Oscars was entitled The Green Book.

African-American Firsts In Dillon County

In the third installment of my tribute to Black History Month, I am going to focus my attention on African-Americans, who were the first of their race in Dillon County to achieve or accomplish something that was truly noteworthy and historical.

Honoring A Hometown Hero

Recently, we lost a man who, in my estimation, was a genuine hero and role model for all of us in Dillon County, especially the African-American community.

Part Four: Growing Old In Newtown

I do not believe that it would be right or historically accurate for me to share memories of my childhood without including some of the naughty, dastardly deeds that I either perpetrated individually or those I was a participant in.

Part Three: Growing Old In Newtown

These underappreciated, undervalued, and underpaid professionals are the unsung heroes and heroines in the stories of so many of our lives, particularly African-American lives like mine that arose in the era prior to the major accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement in the rural South.

Part Two: Growing Old In Newtown

In my column last week, I shared some excerpts from my autobiographical book, Growing Old in Newtown.

Growing Old In Newtown

Starting this week and continuing for the next several weeks, I will be sharing some excerpts from my autobiographical book, “Growing Old in Newtown.”

Grinches, Scrooges, and Other Christmas Thieves

In light of the season that we are in, I will feature my last article today that reflect upon the season, as we did last week.